Its 12 o'çlock and we are looking for partnerships and sponsering. The alarm bells are ringing and fast actions are needed before its to late to protect our countries , cities and cultural Heritage against the rising sea-level and floods caused by climate change. Even nowadays climate refugees are acknowledged. With the expertise over the years of the Dutch well-known water - management we can deal with one meter higher sea-level at the end of this century. But many other countries are in need  for a better water system. To catch the attention of this danger we are working to an unique water&arts project with ART and in collaboration with contruction companies and water -managements. With the focus to the many floods and the MOSE Dam in Venice. Click menu:About.

Photo by Paul Enkelaar

Ellen Grael: 'During my several visits to  Italy, Venice   captured my attention and became a great inspirational scource.  Since young age I'm interested in Italian Art and my trips to Italy weren't coming out of the blue because at seventeen I went for the first time for a study -trip to Rome and Florence.  My new artworks 'The waters of Venice' series are influenced by the many environmental issues  and this ancient historical city is in danger and need to be protected to preserve its rich architecture and Heritage to remain visible to later generations.

Ellen: ' At my first visit to Venice in 2018, taking a boat trip, I noticed near to the central station lines on the wall with marks how high the waters could rise and what's going to happen without interference.The lines were kept in my subconscious and I took some photo’s of sea-weeds near by the central station. The lines of threat of sinking and the very dark green sea-weeds along the quay impressed me. In Fall that year I started with my pastel-paintings  series 'The waters of Venice'. In 2019 there was a huge tide in the city and I received  via social media many remarks that my artworks responding to the high water level in Venice. And this became an eye-opener and  the start of the Water&Arts project focus Venice.  I managed to catch the attention of UNESCO in Paris,  Yaël Thomas of the cultural sector stated: 'We acknowledge the quality of your project, which gives special emphasis to environmental issues through art'. And saying that my art project is very interesting !! And even La Direction Artistique Fondation Cartier shared their opinion'. Click on menu: Gallery /The waters of Venice series


Photo by Paul Enkelaar

                                                                                                                    About water-management

It is well-known that the Netherlands is a country far below sea-level and over the ages it has featured a highly controlled water-management to protect our landscapes and historical cities. In Amsterdam, touristic like Venice, the water circulation is controlled and the waters in the famous canals are of a rather good quality and full of fishing birds. The Italian government has 20 years ago commissioned the building of the MOSE dam in the Venice lagoon but for many years the constructions have been capped. After years of disuse in Autumn 2019 when the flood came along the city was 'drowning'. But what will it be like towards the end of this century, a rising sea level with one or worse perhaps two meters..? A second Atlantis.....Ellen Grael was present during  the International dicussion draft organized by Europan Nostra and the European Heritage Hub community to put Venice in the Heart of Culture and Climate Action launched at 28 September 2023. Have a look at Menu About. 

About Ellen Grael

Ellen Grael is a Dutch based  artist in Amsterdam. Grael is having over the years  many exhibitions in abroad, Art- publications and  interviews. During her time as being a gallerist - studio  owner she organized at the Prinsen canal in Amsterdam many art shows and gave  many years directions in creative workshops to schools and artists.

Connections member of Dutch Culture, Unesco, Institute Neerlandais, Europa Nostra, prominents in Venice, Olandiamo, Ambassadors in The Haque, Venice, Rome, Milan and Paris. And via her social media  postings : business Meta page and Linkedin Ellen Grael Art , instagram @ellengrael

Ellen Grael created an unique style  and the materials she choose are minimal: paper,washed ink and pastels. Ellen her Pastel paintings are a mix of Eastern and Western tehiniques with a special pictoresque effect. For more information have a look at her website:

The team W&A project, Gerhard, Ellen, Paul,

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