European Heritage Hub have put Venice in the Heart of Climate and Culture actions

For having the best results to conduct the Water& Arts project is to create a great accessibility in an inviting exhibition space in Venice. Having an open communication to introduce our skills via ART and Water-  expertise. An unique project via an interdisciplinary exhibition. With the MOSE DAM in mind. We are working to our Water & Arts Foundation and open for having collaborations and sponsorships who are interested to be part in our project. Dealing with Topics like climate change and rising Sea Level and protecting historical cities by constructing barriers. The involved parties are going to be well announced and public visible via banners, posters and other promotional tools.

Ellen Grael Art with her 'The waters of Venice' series, photographer and filmaker Paul Enkelaar, woodmaker and artist Rogier Marius and collaborations with senior Engineering and Geohydrology advisor Cruxbv Gerhard Winters,  Compuplan Knowledge Institute CKI -Water management by the director George van der Meulen.